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Who is Sri B.K.S. Iyengar?

B.K.S. Iyengar’s teachings are deeply grounded in the ancient yoga tradition. He is truly the authentic Yogacharya following the lineage of his Guru, Sri Krishnamacharya.

Sri Iyengar developed a system by which yoga could be learnt by everyone. He teaches to young and old. His teachings involve all the components of yoga.

Video of BKS Iyengar, made in 1977 when he was 59 years old:

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Origin of yoga

Yoga is an ancient Indian art and science………

Yoga is the art which brings an incoherent and scattered mind to a reflective and coherent state


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Yoga asanas integrate the body, the mind, the intelligence and finally, the self in four stages. The first stage, arambhavastha, is one in which we practice at the level of the physical body. The second stage is ghatavastha, when the mind learns to move in unison with the body. The third level of parichayavastha occurs when the intelligence and the body become one. The final stage nishpattyavastha, the stage of perfection. Through these stages, misery or pain vanishes, and the art of living in simplicity and peace is realized.

Asanas do not lead to breathlessness, they are more physically demanding than jogging, but the heart beats at a steady, rhythmic pace.

Precision and intensity ! An asana is not a posture which you assume mechanically. It involves thought, at the end of which a balance is achieved between movement and resistance.

Posture: Eka Pada Sirsasana

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As water purifies our skin, so the breath is capable of cleaning our whole being.

Pranayama is not just automatic habitual breathing to keep body and soul together.

Pranayama is an art and has techniques to make the respiratory organs to move and expand intentionally and rhythmically. It consists of long, sustained subtle flow of inhalation (puruka), exhalation (rechaka) and retention of breath (kumbhaka).

Puruka stimulates the system, rechaka throws out vitiated air and toxins, kumbhaka distributes the energy throughout the body. This disciplined breathing helps the mind to concentrate, gives health and longevity.

Posture: Jalandhara Bandha in Padmasana

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